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Below are a series of testimonials from patients and clients that have been to Holistic Health

"Six years ago this month I underwent major surgery. After the surgery it was temporarily difficult to bend to cut my toe nails so I went to Holistic Health and booked to see Tracy, the Podiatrist. I was initially intending to two or three times until I could do it myself. Six years on I am still a regular with Tracy and would not give up that treat every six weeks or so for anything. Not only is it a real treat to have my feet looked after by Tracy she has helped sort out an ingrown toe nail problem I have had for years. I am deeply impressed to her commitment to patients and the number of times my toe has given me problems between appointments Tracy has fitted me in, at no extra cost to sort out the problem, at times travelling in from the far reaches of Essex on days she would not normally have a clinic. I cannot think of anything that would make me decide to not go to Holistic Health and see Tracy every six weeks, it is a real treat and she has taught me a great deal about foot health. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good Podiatrist (and a great listener) to book in and see Tracy, you will not regret it for a second. She is also keen for a 'good read recommendation' when she gets the chance to get away for a break. The reception staff are incredibly helpful and friendly and always ring the day before your appointment to make sure you haven't forgotten, essential for someone like me.

I also used an Acupuncturist called Kieran for two years after my surgery. Kieran not only helped me relax after my surgery but was also very supportive, a great guy who again I would highly recommend."

- James, Retired senior NHS manager, Hackney

"Over the years I'd travelled all over the country looking for a cure for the really severe foot pain I was suffering from. It got the point where I'd have settled for just some relief, but still never had any luck.

But then thankfully, six years ago, that changed.

Having more or less accepted defeat, I was hobbling along Broadway Market one day when I saw a chalkboard with a cute hand drawn pair of 'happy feet' in front of Holistic Health.

Something about the picture drew me through the clinic door and I thought, 'what's the worse that could happen?'

After all, I was limping, with infected toenails, blisters at my heels and pulled muscles in my legs. It couldn't get much worse and I felt like it was ruining my life.

But as soon as I met HH's Tracy Byrne I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me.

She was unabashed in her friendliness yet practical and confident in her approach.

Absolutely she could fix my feet, Tracy assured me, admitting she couldn't wait to help me learn how to take better care of them myself. Plus, she was more reasonably priced than anyone else I had been to. On my first treatment I breathed deeply as I nervously waited for Tracy to produce the scalpel, foot pliers and iodine for what could only be a nasty and very painful process.

But after a bit of a chat and a brief explanation of the problem, (I had involuted toenails) she performed a simple trim and said that was it.

I was shocked and even slightly suspicious. Was that all it took? Tracy assured me it was and said come back in a month, sooner if I was experiencing any problems.

Slowly but surely the treatment I received from Tracy not only cured my excruciating pain, but also educated me with technique and knowledge of how to look after my toenails and I know that she often happily goes beyond her care of duty for me.

She's come into her practice to see me mid holiday, sacrificed lunch breaks, made me endless cups of tea and given me her private number for emergencies.

Since that first visit, I've gone from a single, nightlife-loving DJ (who could only dance again thanks to Tracy!), to stay at home mum.

Last week I went straight to Tracy with my 5-month-old son, Max, when he had a very painful ingrown toenail infection. She gave him a cuddle and sent us home with some great advice, which saw us right almost immediately.

I'm just so happy that Tracy now looks after Max's little toes, too, as I know he'll truly have 'happy feet'!"

- Bex Ward

"It's such a pleasure to be able to put my foot down without pain. It's the best money I spend every month."

- W.M., Walthamstow

"I used to put up with painful feet, but after treatment it's like getting my real feet back. It's more important than a haircut!"

- Sally, Walthamstow

"Having had a problem with an ingrown toenail on and off for several years, I was beginning to lose hope. I had been seen by my GP and even had an operation, and several courses of antibiotics, all of which were unsuccessful. …Then I found Tracy. She has successfully treated my toe without any intrusive treatment or need for surgery… I would recommend her to anyone."

- Rebecca, London Fields

"Tracy made me feel at ease which was quite important to me as I hadn't had any foot treatments in 30 years! I would definitely return and have recommended her to others."

- Debbie, Colliers Wood

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