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Tracy Byrne

Tracy Byrne is a dynamic and passionate individual, committed to the prevention of lower-limb pathologies particularly in early childhood. Mother of two, Podiatrist, Entrepreneur, Blogger and Matriarch of London’s Holistic Health Clinic, Tracy’s skillset spans a spectrum of roles and domains!

With over 25 years clinical experience and an impressive postgraduate training log you will find yourself in safe hands with Byrne. Challenging the traditional medical model by looking at the entire body structure, not just the foot, Tracy offers her patients an in-depth and lasting method of treatment.

Tracy’s hunger for learning means that her patients benefit from a potent range of treatment techniques, including, dry needling, trigger point therapy and 3D foot scanning to name just a few. Being a keen barefoot walker, Tracy promotes this as a helpful practice in her clinic.

Tracy specialises in the study of infant foot development, biomechanics and human movement, having witnessed first-hand the damage and suffering caused by poor footwear choices, she remains committed to preventive treatment. She has worked as the key research and development Podiatrist for brands such as Vivo Barefoot, Skeanie, Bobux, and more recently London start-up Zig & Star, consulting regularly with the design teams towards developing the healthiest shoes possible for young people.

Tracy’s dream of bringing together a team of like-minded clinicians under one roof has been founded at Holistic Health, her multidisciplinary clinic in London’s vibrant borough of Hackney. Here, she offers patients over 30 different treatment modalities with the benefit of a multi-disciplinary approach.

When not fixing feet, you’ll find Tracy on her road bike or spinning . If not there, she’ll be working on her garden, in the kitchen, or blogging and generally having a ball with her two girls and long-suffering Husband!

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