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Colonic Hydrotherapy

A colonic treatment helps you to feel refreshed and revitalised. This treatment is a safe and effective method for cleansing the colon to help eliminate stored faecal matter, gas/mucus/toxic and poisonous substances, which if left in the body, ultimately can lead to more serious health problems. Benefits regularly observed after treatments are clearer skin, increased energy, improved mental clarity and general well-being, not to mention a flatter stomach!

What is involved?

No special preparation is necessary before your appointment, although large meals and lots of fluids are not advised.
Your therapist knows you may be nervous, but will put you at ease. A brief rectal exam must be carried out, then a disposable speculum is introduced to open the sphincter. An inlet and outlet tube is attached to the outside of the speculum with water going in and water and waste flowing out. The waste is piped away.
Warm filtered water is used and only small amounts are allowed to enter the colon at any one time, acting to dilate the lower bowel, stimulating the bowel to empty itself.
The water flow is carefully controlled at all times. At first, water is fed into the lower bowel whilst you are on your left side, then after about 5 minutes your therapist will ask you to turn onto your back, and using special massage techniques will work around the whole colon assisting the elimination of waste and gas pockets.

Your therapist will advise you, where necessary, regarding food choices/changes to your diet to aid proper digestion. Here at Holistic Health we use a "gravity-fed" colonic system. The colonic procedure takes 30-35 minutes.

How many treatments are necessary?

This depends upon each individual case and advice will be given after your first treatment. It is recommended to have a minimum of 3 treatments for general wellbeing. However, many clients require further treatments dependent on their condition. Regular maintenance may then be advised for continued optimum good health.

Are colonics safe?

Yes. The entire treatment is conducted by a fully trained and insured colonic therapist. Filtered water is introduced at a low pace.
All equipment used is disposable to prevent cross-infection. Although small amounts of friendly bacteria is expelled during treatment, this is usually quickly replenished within 24 hours post treatment. Friendly bacteria tends to multiply within a cleaner environment. It is advisable to take probiotics for a few days after your treatment to enhance this situation.

Colonic hydrotherapy, unlike the use of laxatives, is not habit-forming and actually improves the tone of the colon. T
he treatment re-educates your colon to work more effectively by removing waste and encouraging peristalsis, thereby aiding more regular elimination for a sluggish colon.

Are there circumstances when colonic treatment cannot be performed?

Yes. Conditions such as active infections, active inflammation, painful fissures/painful haemorrhoids. Diseases such as congestive heart disease, severe hypertension, severe anaemia, liver disease, kidney disease, severe haemorrhaging and colo-rectal carcinoma are also absolute contra-indications for treatment. Colonics are also unsuitable during pregnancy. If in doubt, consult your doctor for advice.

What can be treated?

Many conditions benefit from colonic hydrotherapy, including: atonic (sluggish) colon, bloating/flatulence, candida, constipation/diarrhoea, headache, halitosis, IBS, lethergy, skin problems and pre-abdominal surgery.

PLEASE NOTE: It is perfectly safe to have a colonic treatment during menstruation, and is especially beneficial and productive at this time as the body is in a "cleansing/releasing" mode.

Colonic treatments are not suitable during pregnancy.


£80 per 60 minute session

The practitioners that offer Colonic Hydrotherapy are...

Iwona Drobina

Iwona is passionate about internal tissue cleansing and how it has the power to prevent, heal or improve many disorders and disease within the many body systems. From functional bowel problems like IBS and bloating to disorders of the skin, headaches, lethargy and general malaise.

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