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Colonic Hydrotherapy

A colonic treatment helps you to feel refreshed and revitalised. This treatment is a safe and effective method for cleansing the colon to help eliminate stored faecal matter, gas/mucus/toxic and poisonous substances, which if left in the body, ultimately can lead to more serious health problems. Benefits regularly observed after treatments are clearer skin, increased energy, improved mental clarity and general well-being, not to mention a flatter stomach!
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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method of cleansing the colon to help eliminate stored faecal matter, gas, mucus, toxic and poisonous substances, which if left in the body, ultimately can lead to more serious health problems. Benefits regularly observed after treatments are clearer skin, increased energy, improved mental clarity and general well-being.At Holistic Health we do promote a naturopathic approach. Our treatments focus on the underlying cause of the health issue rather than on a symptom itself and are tailored to suit an individual. Before deciding on a treatment program we undertake a comprehensive case history, physical examination, we investigate your diet, psychological issues, environmental and lifestyle factors - all of it to get to the cause of your disorder. 

Herbal infusions

Our practitioner Iwona also uses herbs in her treatments to support her patients through their varied disorders of the colon and digestive tract. Based on the presenting conditions and colon's response, she is able to prepare individually tailored herbal mixtures to support you in the best way.Water infused during a colonic hydrotherapy session distends the colon and stimulates it's sensory receptors to initiate contractions, which improves peristalsis and makes the passage of accumulated waste easier. The addition of herbs amplifies this process. Iwona's bespoke herbal infusions are formulated to support your individual requirements. For constipated patients, herbs will tone and tighten an atonic and flaccid bowel and get peristalsis going, whilst at the same time releasing gas. For hypertonic IBS bowels they will encourage relaxation of spasms and colicky pains but also will have a calming effect on the whole nervous system. Iwona has a vast range of herbs ready for any type of colon, from antispasmodics to carminatives and astringents.


Iwona also provides you with an opportunity of a probiotic implant directly into your colon after the cleanse under some circumstances:
- if there is an obvious dysbiosis (imbalanced bacterial population giving rise to putrefaction, excess fermentation etc)
- after several treatments where the population of your bacterial microbiota may be skewed
- where suspected or known Candida exists
- after recent antibiotic course


No special preparation is necessary before your appointment, although large meals and lots of fluids are not advised. Our therapists know you may be nervous, but will put you at ease. A brief rectal examination must be carried out, then a disposable speculum is introduced to open the sphincter. An inlet and outlet tube is attached to the outside of the speculum with water going in and water and waste flowing out. The waste is piped away. Filtered water is used and only small amounts are allowed to enter the colon at any one time, acting to dilate the lower bowel, stimulating the bowel to empty itself. The water flow is carefully controlled at all times. At first, water is fed into the lower bowel whilst you are on your left side, then after about 5 minutes your therapist will ask you to turn onto your back, and using special massage techniques will work around the whole colon assisting the elimination of waste and gas pockets. Your therapist will advise you, when necessary, regarding food choices and changes to your diet to aid proper digestion.At Holistic Health we use a "gravity-fed" colonic system.

Why is colonic hydrotherapy useful?

There are many advantages of colonic hydrotherapy and we have listed some of them below:

- it improves bowel transit time
- it cleanses, tones and exercises the colon
- empties 'pockets' and improves muscle action
- it helps balance the microbiome thus helps Short Chain Fatty Acid production
- increases absorption of nutrients through bowel wall
- decreases enterotoxin production and absorption
- might decrease a risk of various diseases incl. colo-rectal cancer
- forms a non-compressible column feeding into the outlet tubing thus giving an external view of bowel function for diagnostics
- decreases congestion of other eliminatory organs
- improves liver function
- improves conditions secondary to poor bowel function
- increases energy and well being

How many treatments are necessary?

This depends upon each individual case and advice will be given after your first treatment. Many clients require further treatments dependent on their condition. Regular maintenance may also be advised for continued optimum good health.

Are colonics safe? 

Yes. The entire treatment is conducted by a fully trained and insured colonic therapist. Filtered water is introduced at a low pace. All equipment used is disposable to prevent cross-infection. Although small amounts of friendly bacteria are expelled during treatment, this is usually quickly replenished within 24 hours post treatment. Friendly bacteria tends to multiply within a cleaner environment. It is advisable to take probiotics for a few days after your treatment to enhance this situation. Colonic hydrotherapy, unlike the use of laxatives, is not habit-forming and improves the tone of the colon. The treatment re-educates your colon to work more effectively by removing waste and encouraging peristalsis, thereby aiding more regular elimination for a sluggish colon. 

Are there circumstances when colonic treatment cannot be performed?

Yes. Conditions such as active infections, active inflammation, painful fissures/painful haemorrhoids. Diseases such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, congestive heart disease, severe hypertension, severe anaemia, liver disease, kidney disease, severe haemorrhaging and colo-rectal carcinoma are also absolute contra-indications for treatment. Colonics are also unsuitable during pregnancy. If in doubt, consult your doctor for advice.

First 75min session with a short nutritional consultation - £135
Follow-up 60min session - £110
Probiotic implant - £25

The practitioners that offer Colonic Hydrotherapy are...

Iwona Drobina

Iwona’s understanding of the mechanics of the body and associated movement led to a passion for manual therapy and naturopathic practises. She is currently studying Osteopathic Medicine while providing multidisciplinary treatments, from manual body therapies to nutrition and gut health.
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