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Vibrational Kinesiology

"The human body is a naturally self-creating, self-correcting system when given the opportunity to be so" ~ Cameron Dawson (Founder)

Cameron Dawson spent over 30 years researching and rediscovering ancient knowledge of healing methods related to our body's three electrical (energy) systems; the auric fields, chakras and meridians. The program is based on the understanding that negative emotions stored in the body can cause the bodies energetic systems to malfunction. This can alter the physical structure of the body and reduce the life force of associated cells, ultimately leading to disease and illness.

The program can be described as vibrational (for sound) kinesiology (for muscle testing). Vibrational kinesiology can either correct or greatly assist conditions and illnesses by correcting the malfunctions of the electrical framework. A typical session involves a physical assessment of the bodies physical structure and kinesiology (muscle testing) to tap into the clients sub conscious and identify which energetic systems are malfunctioning. Tailored sound vibrations from traditional bells, horns, bowls and tinctures are then played with intention to clear the body of negative emotion that has been identified.

Clients often report major improvement initially with their general physical and mental wellbeing. They have also reported improvements with back and joint pain, headaches, learning difficulties, dyslexic symptoms, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue, heart conditions, some diabetic conditions, sleeping difficulties, eye and ear problems, depression, thyroid problems, skin conditions, eating disorders and much more.


First consultation £99 - 90mins

Follow-up £70 - 60mins

The practitioners that offer Vibrational Kinesiology are...

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