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Charlotte Tiffany

Charlotte has been a registered Natural Health Practitioner in London since 2009.

Charlotte uses a carefully chosen, bespoke, multi faceted approach when working with patients and always uses the Naturopathic Model of health when addressing the issues that patients present with. Charlotte gains great satisfaction from being able to teach patients how to make their lives flow easier, in turn creating a better health for the individual, and surrounding family and friends.

Charlotte is an experienced Naturopath with specialist knowledge in digestive issues, children's health including; learning difficulties with children as well as hormones, fertility, weight loss, stress issues, detox and cleansing. Treating children is a big part of Charlotte's practice, something that she has loved since she started working as a Naturopath and Homeopath.

After an initial thorough consultation Charlotte takes each case and carefully researches and develops a detailed, individual health care plan suited to both the patient and their lifestyle.

Charlotte works with; naturopathy, nutrition, homeobotanical herbs, homeopathy, biochemic tissue salts, Australian Bush flower and Bach flower essences, iridology, detoxing, 10 day cleanse Consultant, weight loss.

Charlotte uses diagnostic testing with some cases; Hair Mineral Analysis, Nutritional Evaluation Testing, Stool testing, Parasite testing, Toxic Metal testing, Gluten Profiling, Vitamin Profiling and Allergy Testing.

This will be discussed directly with the patient as and when such a test diagnosis appears to be necessary.

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