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Amanda Camenisch

Amanda is a certified life activation practitioner, aura healer, crystal healer, ensofic rey reiki master and max meditation leader. She is passionate about supporting people in finding their own inner spark and connecting them with their true joy within.

Amanda works with crystals for activations, healings and readings. Her grandfather was a “cavacristalla” a crystal finder in the swiss alps, leaving her a collection of over 100 alpine crystals which she uses in her practice. Next to her love for crystals, her main speciality are activations.

Activations are powerful shamanic healing modalities designed to connect people back to their original blueprint by removing blockages, mental, emotional or physical. The life activation works on all levels of the body, realigning the energy body, by balancing the chakras, 16 lotus petals, elemental and magnetic lines. The activation is completed with a light infusion into the DNA codons with a special crystal wand. The integration time of an activation is 3 months, in which alchemical drops (vibrational medicine) will be provided. 

Amanda also leads The Spiral; open circles for ventures into hidden landscapes. The Spiral is a platform where she invites individuals and groups in one to one sessions as well as communal gatherings. The format allows for collaborative workshops, meditation circles, women circles as well as retreats. Amanda has trained with the ancient lineage of King Solomon through the Modern Mystery School.


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