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Amanda Camenisch

Amanda is a certified practitioner specializing in life activations, reiki, and transformative healing modalities with training from the ancient lineage of King Solomon.

Amanda offers bespoke reiki sessions and advanced reiki treatments including:

Brain Balancing: a transformative healing modality, that focuses on bridging the gap between logical and intuitive thinking. By bringing the left and right brain hemispheres closer together, this session enhances clarity, decisiveness, and inner peace.

Seiheki Treatment: a healing modality designed to address recurring negative thoughts and addictive behaviours such as overeating, smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse with powerful results.

Life Activation: a shamanic practice that activates purpose, heals ancestral patterns, and transforms deep-rooted blocks, providing emotional and mental stability for positive changes during transitions.

By balancing energy bodies, chakras, and utilizing special tools, she targets the nervous system, physical, emotional, and higher self for lasting transformation.

All reiki treatments can be received as distance healings.

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