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Support and Understanding in a safe environment.

There are times in our lives when we feel worried or depressed, unable to cope or don’t know which way to turn.
Whether it relates to an incident in the past, a recent loss or concerns about the future, counselling provides an opportunity to reclaim control over your life.

It is a chance to share problems with someone who is outside your personal situation and who can listen without judging you, in a safe and confidential environment

The aim of counselling is to help you reach a better understanding of what is going on, to explore and express your thoughts and feelings, to find more effective ways of dealing with problems, and to enable greater acceptance of self and others.

Length of session
Usually between 50-60 minutes.

The number of sessions required varies by patient.



The practitioners that offer Counselling are...

Alistair Newton

Alistair is a person centred counsellor but also trained to offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and work with the unconscious. He specialises in short term therapy for anxiety and depression and bereavement but can offer long term therapy for relationship issues.

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