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Nutritional Therapy

Good nutrition is essential especially in today's fast pace of life where demands on our body are often high. This is where Nutritional Therapy comes in.

Food if used correctly is the ultimate medicine. Each and every cell in our body is made from the foods we consume. Therefore, a lack in any of the vital vitamins, proteins, fats or nutrients needed in our diets will compromise the bodies ability to function at its optimum. What we eat, when and how are all essential for attaining and maintaining good health.

Whether you are wanting to get to the bottom of a long term health concern, wishing to achieve peak performance or just looking for support to enhance your health and well-being, nutritional therapy is the perfect place to start.

Nutritional Therapy also works well alongside other complementary therapies as well as conventional medicine. Nutritional Therapists use an approach based on the science of nutrition and apply a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns.

What are the benefits?

Nutritional Therapy can help guide you to a better awareness of how food choices can affect your health and empower you to take charge of your diet and lifestyle, whilst gaining an understanding of how your body responds to what you eat.
Nutritional Therapy can be helpful whether you are looking for vitamin and mineral support, you simply need more energy to get through busy days, or you are looking for digestive support.

What happens during a consultation?

Your consultation involves looking at your health, diet and lifestyle and stress management in detail. Your tailored plan will be practical, straight forward and fit into your daily schedule. Follow up consultations take place 4-6 weeks later to assess your progress, and refine your individualised plan.
We always keep in touch via email and telephone.

£125 First session with Susse (60 minutes), £100 follow up with Susse (45 minutes)
£145 First session with Yuriko (75 minutes), £90 follow up with Yuriko (45 minutes)
£140 First session with Rebecca (75 minutes), £85 follow up with Rebecca

The practitioners that offer Nutritional Therapy are...

Susse Wedel

Susse has a particular interest in skin conditions, stress management and environmental factors affecting health. She applies a functional medicine and energetic approach to client’s health concerns.

Yuriko Tokunaga

Yuriko has been practicing complementary therapies for over ten years with an intense passion to assist others in reaching their personal levels of health and happiness. With her own experience she believes that a holistic approach enables people to get to the core of their health challenges rather than simply addressing symptoms.

Rebecca Keane

Rebecca works as a team with her clients discussing their health concerns and what goals they want to achieve making them practical and achievable. She uses the functional medicine and naturopathic framework where her aim is to find the root cause of an illness or condition and address where the nutritional imbalances are.

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