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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy or CST is a holistic approach to wellbeing that focuses on restoring balance and harmony within the body. It recognises the interconnectedness of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, acknowledging that true wellness encompasses all these dimensions. By bringing attention to areas of tension or restriction within a complex network of tissues and fluids, CST supports releasing stored trauma or stress patterns that may hinder overall well-being. Doing so enables individuals to reconnect with their innate capacity for thriving health on all levels – promoting physical healing, mental clarity, emotional resilience, and spiritual alignment. CST encourages self-healing mechanisms to activate.

Who can benefit from CST?

CST is an incredible healing modality that can benefit individuals from all walks of life, promoting a deep sense of well-being. Whether you are someone seeking relief from physical ailments such as migraines, back pain, or digestive issues, or if you're dealing with emotional challenges like anxiety and depression, this therapy has the potential to bring about transformational healing. It also caters to those who want to enhance their overall well-being and reconnect with their body's innate ability to heal itself. This therapeutic approach recognises that true health extends beyond physical symptoms and encompasses mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Therefore, anyone looking for a holistic approach to wellness can greatly benefit from this gentle yet powerful therapy technique.
This approach is well known for its profound benefits for those who struggle with:

  • stress, shock, and trauma
  • anxiety, depression
  • asthma
  • headaches, migraines, chronic pain
  • sleep problems
  • rehabilitation, post op recovery
  • TMJ problems and invasive dental treatments
  • after birth for the baby and mother
  • babies and children
  • children and adults affected by learning difficulties, autism


Initial consultation and treatment: £100 (60 minutes) Follow-up treatment: £95 (60 minutes)

Adults: £100 (60 minutes), £140 (90 minutes)
Babies and children upto 12 years: £80 (50 minutes) 

The practitioners that offer Craniosacral Therapy are...

Neri Aziz

Neri is a passionate practitioner, helping people with a range of different conditions while having a special interest in women’s pelvic health. She believes in guiding people to have a better connection to their body and promote empowered health practices; to reduce pain and improve function.

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