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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is based on the use of plants, from their phytochemical properties to their energetic qualities. Using the whole plant or just the leaves, flowers, roots or bark. These can be taken internally and used externally. Herbal Medicine can be prescribed in many different forms as tinctures, powders, oils, essential oils, extracts and teas. Herbal medicine has been used as the main source of medicine for thousands of years all over the world and in some countries, still the main form of medicine today. They are safe to use for all ages including children and babies. During the consultation your health concerns will be discussed in detail with you using a thorough case history, assessing body systems, diet and taking account of all aspects of the lifestyle of the patient in order to identify insufficiencies, excesses, or imbalances that have resulted in health disorders. Appropriate herbal medicine is then prescribed alongside recommendations for supporting clients through correct nutrition, appropriate exercise, and other natural healing techniques.


Initial consultation: £160 (60 minutes)
Follow up: £110 (45 minutes)
Any tinctures, teas, herbal capsules or tablets are an additional cost.

The practitioners that offer Herbal Medicine are...

Susse Wedel

Susse has a particular interest in skin conditions, stress management and environmental factors affecting health. She applies a functional medicine and energetic approach to client’s health concerns.

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