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Erin Caust

Erin is a physiotherapist from Australia whose main focus is to provide exceptional therapy with an empathetic and holistic approach. She is passionate about creating therapy and treatment centred around patients as individuals, not just injuries and illnesses.

Attaining her Doctor of Physiotherapy in early 2016 from the foundation of a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Erin has a strong background in exercise prescription, physiology, strengthening and conditioning. Throughout her career Erin has worked in both the public and private settings including trauma hospitals, private practices and international sporting tournaments.

Her roles in the NHS have ranged from amputee management, obstetric and post-natal care; trauma and orthopaedic rehabilitation at North Mid, RNOH, UCLH and the Royal Free Trust. From this variety in industry experience, Erin enjoys the provision of physiotherapy from the acute setting through to higher level rehabilitation and functional return to sport.

She has experience treating:
- Prenatal pelvic girdle and symphysis pubis dysfunction
- Incontinence
- Sexual dysfunction
- Pelvic floor dysfunction
- Chronic pelvic pain; endometriosis, cystitis
- Prolapse
- MSK injury management
- Post surgical rehabilitation
- Sports massage, lymphatic drainage
- Stress management

Erin has chosen to work additionally within the field of women’s and pelvic health. She feels strongly about advocating for her fellow women and bridging the gap of lacking service within this area of health care.

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