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Naturopathy is a complete natural health care system Taking into consideration mental, physical and emotional health, the focus of Naturopathic Medicine is on preventative health. This is tailored to every individual’s personal need. Naturopaths implement this via non-toxic, natural therapies, ranging from core nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, flower essences, tissue salts, to manual bodywork which can include colonics, acupuncture/ TCM and massage. Detox and fasting protocols, as well as exercise, stress and lifestyle management techniques may also recommended. The choice of therapies applied depends on each naturopath’s own natural medicine tool kit. Naturopaths investigate, identify and address underlying causes of health issues whilst supporting any current symptoms. During the first consultation, a thorough case history is taken as well as a detailed medical history, diet, lifestyle and any other appropriate information. Diagnostic tools can also be used including Iridology, pulse taking, biofeedback, tongue and fingernail analysis, and nutrient testing. In addition, further lab testing may also be recommended for vitamin /mineral / antioxidant status, heavy metal & environmental toxins, hormone panels, gastrointestinal testing, allergy panels etc. Naturopathy can be used to support fertility, pregnancy, babies, children, teens, adults and the elderly


Susse First appointment 60 minutes £130 Follow ups 45 minutes £100
Yuriko First appointment 75 minutes £155 Follow ups 45 minutes £100
Charlotte First appointment 60 minutes £150 Follow ups 45 minutes £120

Family and couple packages are available with all practitioners, please contact for more detail.

The practitioners that offer Naturopathy are...

Susse Wedel

Susse has a particular interest in skin conditions, stress management and environmental factors affecting health. She applies a functional medicine and energetic approach to client’s health concerns.

Yuriko Tokunaga

Yuriko has been practicing complementary therapies for over ten years with an intense passion to assist others in reaching their personal levels of health and happiness. With her own experience she believes that a holistic approach enables people to get to the core of their health challenges rather than simply addressing symptoms.

Charlotte Tiffany

Charlotte has been a registered Natural Health Practitioner in London since 2009.

Charlotte uses a carefully chosen, bespoke, multi faceted approach when working with patients and always uses the Naturopathic Model of health when addressing the issues that patients present with.
Charlotte gains great satisfaction from being able to teach patients how to make their lives flow easier, in turn creating a better health for the individual, and surrounding family and friends.

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