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Facial Rejuvenation Massage

The stress and pollution of modern life, as well as the simple passing of time contribute to making your face age. Massage helps to relieve deep tension giving the facial muscles a lift and increases circulation to the face, leaving you feeling more vibrant and younger. 

This treatment starts as gentle face massage, using a range of techniques from Korea, Japan and China. After the muscles have been warmed, Tara works at a deeper level using techniques taught by Virginia Doran, a leading world expert in the field of natural facial rejuvenation.

You may be asked if you have you been away on holiday or whether you have done something different to your hair! Visually people look refreshed and energized, losing the tight, stressed and tired looking face for a more relaxed, younger stress-free face which really shows.

What Happens During the Treatment?

Tara will do a full consultation with you before treatment. Then you just relax and let her take the stress away from your face. This can be done as a more intensive one-hour treatment, or Tara can add it to the end of a full body massage as a half hour extra treatment at the end. It is very relaxing and most people really enjoy the treatment, but Tara can work at a much deeper level if requested.

People usually notice a result after one treatment, but the effects are cumulative, so the more treatments you have the more noticeable the result. If you want a natural, fresh and healthy glow with increased blood flow and circulation to the face, but don’t want to use acupuncture needles, then this is treatment for you.


The practitioners that offer Facial Rejuvenation Massage are...

Clare McKenna

Coming from a highly physical background in the Arts, Clare’s approach to massage and body work is both instinctual and and grounded in her knowledge and approach.

Tara Rivero Zea

Tara is an acupuncturist, doula, holistic massage therapist, and a busy mum of four. Tara is warm, friendly and professional. She specialises in pregnancy, fertility and children's treatments.

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