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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a training in mind/body awareness designed not to treat specific symptoms but to address an unhelpful pattern of responses which F M Alexander called ‘habitual misuse’ Habitual meaning we are unaware of them; they start unconsciously and very early each time we form an intention to act. And misuse because from his observation these responses interfere with the delicate poise of our whole system not just one part. This poise is there to be rediscovered, as it is built into the way we are designed, if only we can learn to get out of the way.

The Alexander Technique is an educational process; something to learn to apply in your daily life. We teach by practical hands on guidance in addition to verbal instruction. Many people come to the Alexander Technique with physical pain and discomfort of various sorts and in recent years there have been some randomised controlled trials indicating that there is some measurable benefit for people with back and neck pain. Patients with Parkinson’s disease and hyper-mobility issues have also been recommended Alexander lessons. The Technique is used by performers and athletes and it has long been a regular part of actors’ and musicians’ training. Lessons take place fully clothed and all STAT members have undertaken a three year training and are bound by a code of professional conduct.

Alexander Technique


£60 (45 minutes)

The practitioners that offer Alexander Technique are...

Pauline Wetherell

Pauline has been committed to the principle of personal self development for as long as she can remember.

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