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Homeopathy is a well established natural healing system that aims to stimulate the body’s innate healing system and vitality to achieve balance and health. It is gentle, safe and an effective system of health care that treats each patient as a unique individual.

About the treatment:

Homeopathy uses remedies made from plants, minerals and other natural substances in a highly diluted form. We aim to treat the body in a natural way, free of the potential side effects and toxicity inherent in many of today’s conventional medications. The homeopath analyses each patient’s unique symptoms and finds a remedy to closely match the symptom picture. Homeopaths often describe this as treating “like with like,” a universally recognised principle that dates back as far as Hippocrates.

It is important to return for a follow up appointment to assess progression of the treatment. Initial follow up is usually within 2-3 weeks and thereafter on a monthly basis, as necessary. Much will depend on the severity and length of time you have been suffering with your complaint. This will be discussed with you during the first consultation and reviewed on a regular basis.

What can be treated?
Many people use homeopathy to treat chronic and acute conditions, both physical and mental/emotional; others visit their homeopath on a regular basis to support a balanced life. Homeopathy is also used extensively during the major life changes of puberty, pregnancy and menopause. It is particularly suitable for babies and young children and, with help from a professional homeopath, homeopathic remedies can be safely taken alongside most conventional drug treatments.


£150 - 1st appointment (60 minutes)
£120 - follow up (45-60 minutes)

The practitioners that offer Homeopathy are...

Charlotte Tiffany

Charlotte has been a registered Natural Health Practitioner in London since 2009.

Charlotte uses a carefully chosen, bespoke, multi faceted approach when working with patients and always uses the Naturopathic Model of health when addressing the issues that patients present with.
Charlotte gains great satisfaction from being able to teach patients how to make their lives flow easier, in turn creating a better health for the individual, and surrounding family and friends.

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