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Iwona Drobina

Iwona’s understanding of the mechanics of the body and associated movement led to a passion for manual therapy and naturopathic practises. She trained as a massage therapist and later expanded into nutrition and naturopathic colonic hydrotherapy. 

Massage Therapy

Her focus is to support people in improving various body dysfunctions - from muscle tension that often leads to headaches, lack of mobility or pain to all sorts of injuries. She starts her treatments by identifying the source of the problem and tailors her sessions to best support her clients' needs. She likes to work on affected muscle groups to ultimately leave you feeling better. 

Her deep knowledge of anatomy and awareness of the human body is what makes her treatments unique. Even though her practice is very calming and nurturing she is very skilled in deep tissue massage and trigger points techniques that she always uses in her sessions.

She is experienced in treating lots of yogis and athletes and those with a background in fitness.  Supporting them through injury healing, and improving muscle function which ultimately leads to better mobility and long term performance.

You can find Iwona at @iwonadrobina_bodytherapy

Naturopathic Colonic Hydrotherapy with Nutritional Advice

Iwona is also an experienced naturopathic colonic hydrotherapist and is currently studying nutrition to help in treating various disorders that start in the digestive system, looking at all stages of food passage - from chewing and digestion to absorption and elimination. She firmly believes internal tissue cleansing and nutrition have the power to prevent, heal and improve many disorders within the body - from functional bowel problems like IBS and bloating to disorders of the skin, headaches, lethargy and general malaise. 

Her passion for naturopathic practice is reflected in the way she performs her cleansing treatments. She promotes a holistic approach, looking at the body as a whole system that requires constant care and her aim is not to treat only the symptoms but to get to the bottom of the problem. She tailors her treatments to suit each patient and that is why she always undertakes a thorough case history, physical examination, and investigates any potential environmental and lifestyle factors - all of this to get to the root cause of your disorder.

Her practice involves using bespoke herbal infusions formulated to support individual requirements. Depending on the type of condition herbal mixtures can tone and tighten the internal tissue to assist peristalsis, or in case of hypertonic IBS bowels herbs will encourage relaxation of spasms and colicky pains but also have a calming effect on the whole nervous system. She uses a vast range of herbs, from antispasmodics to carminatives and astringents individually tailored to support you in the best way.

In her treatments she also promotes probiotics that can be implanted directly into the colon after the cleanse under some circumstances:

  • if there is an obvious dysbiosis (imbalanced bacterial population giving rise to putrefaction, excess fermentation etc)
  • after several treatments where the population of your bacterial microbiota may be skewed
  • where suspected or known Candida exists
  • after a recent course of antibiotics

Her deep grounding in massage, yoga and breathwork are paramount to the way she treats her patients. She provides a safe, caring and nurturing atmosphere during her treatments, each one tailored to the individual based on presenting history, and list of symptoms and concerns. 

She strongly believes healing starts from within and internal tissue cleansing is essential for improving both physical and mental well-being.

You can find Iwona at @colonic_wellbeing

First 75min session with consultation - £115
Follow-up 60min session - £95
Probiotic implant - £15

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