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Iwona Drobina

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Iwona is a sports and soft tissue therapist currently undergoing training as an Osteopath. With extensive expertise in treating musculoskeletal conditions, as well as a diverse range of soft-tissue chronic and acute injuries, she has successfully been helping a broad spectrum of individuals, from athletes and sports enthusiasts to office workers or mums-to-be.

Her approach to treatment encompasses a thorough biomechanical assessment and neuromuscular testing to identify the root cause of pain. Subsequently, she employs a range of advanced soft tissue techniques to enhance joint and fascial mobility, improve functional movement, and provide personalised advice on remedial exercises and lifestyle factors. This approach aims not only to aid recovery and prevent injuries but also to enhance posture, performance, and overall function. Her passion lies in understanding the development and perception of pain, along with dedicated efforts to help individuals alleviate and improve their symptoms.

She also specialises in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, offering support to post-operative patients or those dealing with oedema, as well as individuals seeking to enhance their immune systems.

Additionally, Iwona holds qualifications in Nutrition, with a focus on longevity, the science of ageing, metabolic health and gut health.

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