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Iwona Drobina

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Iwona is a firm believer in the importance of achieving overall health through a balanced approach that addresses the structural, nutritional, and psychological aspects of an individual. To create a supportive environment for her patients, she established Integrated Body Therapy, a space that combines multiple naturopathic therapies.

With extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions using advanced manual remedial techniques, Iwona helps daily a diverse range of patients, spanning from young individuals to the elderly. Her approach is highly personalized, tailoring her unique techniques to suit each individual's specific needs and conditions. During her sessions, she creates a calming and nurturing environment, providing a holistic approach for those seeking relaxation and stress relief.

She is particularly passionate about women's health and specializes in pregnancy and post-natal massage, offering care to expectant mothers and women after childbirth. Her treatments aim to alleviate common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as lower back pain, hip discomfort, and swelling in the legs. Moreover, her massages provide deep relaxation during the significant physical changes that occur in a woman's body.

Continuously dedicated to enhancing her knowledge and skills in naturopathic practices, Iwona is currently pursuing an Osteopathic Medicine Degree to further expand her understanding of the human body and better serve her patients.

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