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Postural Assessment

A biomechanical assessment involves an examination of the lower limbs, looking at their structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses.

Poor posture and the associated aches and pains that come with it are caused when specific muscles tighten and shorten whilst others lengthen and become weak.

Studies have shown that poor sitting posture, and learnt or remembered habits such as leaning in to your desk for long periods, (as many of us do), the repetitive nature of almost all jobs be it construction, driving, admin, and teaching have caused chronic low grade pain in the neck, shoulder, back, knees, and in fact just about anywhere else in the body.

There are many factors which can impact on posture , including habitual, psychosocial and biomechanical factors.

Tracy will identify these imbalances as part of a biomechanical assessment and will give you the tools you need to get you back to full range of movement and better postural habits. A full examination of how the structures interact with each other is crucial in the diagnosis and management of these types of overuse injury.

£110 Foot scan and interpertation of results  

Please Note: All new patients must pay for their first Podiatry appointment in advance

The practitioners that offer Postural Assessment are...

Tracy Byrne

Tracy owns and runs Holistic Health. An enthusiastic and ethical Podiatrist who is committed to postgraduate learning, Tracy has a caring and friendly approach and this is extended to both patients and colleagues.

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