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Pilates + Massage Package

Pilates & Wellbeing package – 90 mins

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on your strength, flexibility, posture and balance. A key focus of any Pilates session is to strengthen the core muscles - the ‘Power House’ – this is your midsection of the body that stabilises and supports posture.
Combining this with remedial massage can help to reduce pain by improving recovery post injury, reducing physical and mental stress and breaking down tension.
Options for this package to start or end with a Remedial Massage.

Post-massage Pilates – 60 mins massage for relaxation, pain relief and improved range of movement, followed by 30 mins of strengthening and toning restorative Pilates movement exercises.

Pre-massage Pilates – 30 mins of strengthening and toning restorative Pilates movement exercises followed by a wind down 60 mins massage for relaxation, de-stress and pain relief.
An over-the-phone pre-appointment assessment is essential to book this package to ensure the clients needs and abilities are met.

£100 - 90 Minutes Treatment 

The practitioners that offer Pilates + Massage Package are...

Sadie Goodson

Sadie retrained as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist in 2016 after over a decade of working in the marketing departments of particularly demanding businesses. Seeing the impact of long-working hours, high-stress environments and a lack of time for self-care on so many of her colleagues, Sadie was keen to learn the how to help and enable healthier and happier bodies through rehabilitation, mobilisation and relaxation techniques. Since then she has also received her Pilates Teacher training qualification to gain a deeper understanding of how to build a strong and resilient body through breath, concentration, centering and movement.

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