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Soft Tissue Release

Soft Tissue Release (STR) is a specialized stretch where specific areas within a larger muscle are targeted.

If there is scar tissue, adhesions or localized tension in parts of a muscle, this lack of elasticity is often accommodated within the rest of the muscle when we do a general stretch.  This means that the specific area needing the stretch doesn’t receive it. By locking into the muscle at different points along the length of the muscle, we create new origins for that muscle and shorten the section that is being stretched. This means that the original force of the stretch is constant, but the length of muscle that receives the stretch is shorter. This produces a much more powerful stretch within this smaller area of muscle.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Release:

  • Releases tension in areas of muscles that normal massage or general stretches aren’t able to reach.
  • Effectively stretches muscles that don’t get stretched with normal stretches due to a person being hyperflexible or extra supple (i.e. dancers or gymnasts).
  • Helps break up adhesions.
  • Helps to realign the collagen fibers of scar tissue.
  • Increases flexibility in muscle tissue. This can in turn increase the range of movement and improve the quality of movement in joints.

The practitioners that offer Soft Tissue Release are...

Josie Smith

Josephine has been a practising massage therapist since completing her Holistic Massage Diploma in 2011.

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