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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine goes by many names including herbalism, phytotherapy and botanical medicine. It is a medical system based on the use of plants, either the whole plant or sometimes parts of it, for example leaves, flowers, roots or bark. Herbal medicine can be prescribed in many different forms as tinctures, powders, oils, essential oils, extracts and teas. It has been the main source of medicine used by people for thousands of years all over the world and in some countries it is still the main form of medicine today. We are surrounded everyday by medicinal plants growing all around us in our environment. Many of them can be used therapeutically to support a wide variety of health concerns. Herbs are used beneficially in food for their nutrients, taste, colour, aroma and also for their phytochemical actions to benefit health. As herbalist it is a privilege to work with mother nature's tool box directly. Susse has a love for all things plant related and makes many of her own herbal remedies including tinctures, teas, aromatic waters, essential oils and flower essences. She is currently working on her own skincare range and is passionate about taking clients on herbal walks, and foraging most days for foods and medicines. She was trained in Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Medicine, and combines the energetics side of herbal medicine with their therapeutic phytochemical action. First consultations are £125 (60 minutes) Follow ups are £100 (45 minutes) Any tinctures, teas, herbal capsules or tablets are an additional cost.

The practitioners that offer Herbal Medicine are...

Susse Wedel

Susse has a particular interest in skin conditions, stress management and environmental factors affecting health. She applies a functional medicine and energetic approach to client’s health concerns.

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