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Specialist Massage Treatments

A course of treatments can be used initially as remedial work for injury but these are also ideal for maintenance massages as part of a wellness and optimal training regime.

The Runners Treatment
Ideal for runners and those working on their feet all day. This specialised massage treatment works mainly on the lower limbs and gluteal area with deep tissue & Thai foot massage.
Myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and deep stretching are also incorporated to help you recover from training, prevent injury and perform at your best!

The Cyclists Treatment
Cyclists tend to hold muscular tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck as well as in their legs. This treatment targets those specific areas using deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and deep stretches to help keep you on the road!

The Office Workers Treatment
This treatment targets the neck, back and hip areas with deep tissue massage to ease muscular pain and address biomechanical imbalances caused by sitting at a computer for long periods. Indian head massage is incorporated to reduce stress and tension held around the face and temples.


£90 - 90 minutes
£65 - 60 minutes

The practitioners that offer Specialist Massage Treatments are...

Stephanie Boyd

Stephanie has been working in the therapies industry for 9 years.
She now works in private practice and specialises in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and remedial deep tissue massage.

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