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Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki is a gentle and natural energy healing system which can be used to target specific health concerns or as a relaxation technique to promote general wellbeing. Reiki distance healing is a form of reiki which is administered remotely. The client experiences the same benefit as they would from an in person treatment. Indeed, remote sessions are typically even more powerful and efficient, therefore a shorter session may be sufficient.

Reiki distance healing helps remove energetic blocks and heal you on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Healing isn’t so much about ‘getting better’ but rather about letting go of what isn’t you. Healing energy is typically perceived as a dance of colours in the mind’s eye. The healing experience brings forth intuitive insights in both client and healer. Therefore, it is beneficial to follow reiki distance healing directly with an online life coaching conversation.


£50 / 30 minutes - £275 / block of 6
£100 / 60 minutes - £550 / block of 6

Combined with Life Coaching - Online

£150 / 90 minutes - £800 / block of 6

The practitioners that offer Reiki Distance Healing are...

Ellen Sinclair

Ellen Sinclair is a qualified Reiki Master and member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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