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Pregnancy Yoga Course

Pregnancy yoga is a gentle way to connect to your body and with the natural changes and amazing transformative feat of pregnancy.

Helping relieve pregnancy aches and tightness in the body, as well as maintain movement and posture, hatha yoga can support a healthy pregnancy process, while breathing and guided visualisation aim to support and enhance pregnancy as an experience.
Connection and balance are at the core of this yoga class, creating a space for you to maintain the relationship with your body, looking after and bonding with your baby, and getting ready for the marvellous journey ahead.

Why yoga during pregnancy?
• Yoga has a proven calming effect on the nervous system and improves circulation.
• Yoga helps strengthen and maintain posture which can help prepare for birthing.
• Yoga has been proven to reduce anxiety, lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel, headaches and breathlessness, as well as risk of ‘preterm’ labour.
• Yoga helps improve sleep, strength and stamina, and relieve tensions and aches.

Yoga is proven to be safe and beneficial during pregnancy. Classes are gentle and focus on keeping healthy mobility and strength during pregnancy, as well as using breathing and guided visualisation to connect and balance the body, mind and baby relationship.

Price:  £65 per course (6 classes)

Pre-booking required

Next Course:
7th September – 12th October 
Thursdays 7pm - 8pm 

Click here for current timetable 

The practitioners that offer Pregnancy Yoga Course are...

Frida Anderson

Frida trained in yoga teaching in 2010 with the Sivananda school in London, after many years of dedicated practice in various Hatha styles. While she herself was pregnant, she specialised in Pregnancy Yoga by training with Mama Yoga in London in 2014

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