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Life Coaching - Online

Online life coaching is a convenient and efficient way to achieve a more conscious perspective on life and experience greater success. It avoids unnecessary travel as well as insuring you can be in a safe space where you can express yourself freely.

Coaching is a powerful tool that helps you connect with your authentic self. A coach can help you recognise thinking patterns, identify blocks to your success and help you work through them. By tuning in to your inner guidance, you will achieve a natural alignment with your true purpose. Then a coach can help you to set your plans into action, one achievable step at a time, making it easy and joyful to reach for the stars and become the best possible version of yourself. Looking back, you will be amazed at how far you have come!


Online life coaching can be combined with reiki distance healing. Reiki is a gentle and natural energy healing system. Healing isn’t so much about ‘getting better’ but rather about letting go of what isn’t you. In this way it is similar to coaching which seeks to help people shed their limiting beliefs and enable authenticity. Reiki can be administered remotely and the client will experience the same benefit as reiki given in person. Reiki distance healing directly prior to a coaching conversation can accelerate progress and bring about profound change.

£100 / 60 minutes
£550 / block of 6

£150 / 90 minutes (combined with Reiki Distance Healing)
£800 / block of 6


The practitioners that offer Life Coaching - Online are...

Ellen Sinclair

Ellen Sinclair is a qualified Reiki Master and member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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