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Bereavement Counselling

Grief is a deeply personal and private experience. We cannot put a timeframe, shape or expectation on the way in which it will influence and impact our lives. Many of us struggle to comprehend the overwhelming nature of grief, and without a safe and supportive space to express how we truly feel, we can very quickly repress it and push on with life. But when we give ourselves the opportunity to grieve, we actually create space to experience its healing power.

If you are navigating the lonely, tiring and overwhelming landscape of grief, sessions with Kate are an opportunity to rest, let go and share in an open, warm and safe space. For anyone who is struggling with loss of any kind, this is a place to pause, heal and feel deeply supported.  

£60 per 60 minutes 

£90 per 90 minutes



The practitioners that offer Bereavement Counselling are...

Kate White

Kate's healing practice is devoted to unveiling the freedom and wisdom that lives within each of us.

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