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Hair Mineral Test Analysis.

A Hair Mineral Test Analysis (HMTA) is able to reveal your heavy metal toxicity load and your mineral deficiencies. This test also provides a screening to be able to increase vitality, banish brain fog and increase your overall stamina.

This type of test can explain the causes of health symptoms and disease by indicating in the results nutritional deficiencies, mineral imbalances and heavy metal and chemical toxicity.
The nutrient mineral levels within your body and their working relationships with each other determine how well your cells function and therein the impact of physical and cognitive performance.

Minerals are the 'spark plugs' of life.

They are involved in almost all enzyme activity in the body. Without enzyme activity life does not exist.

What can Hair Mineral Test Analysis reveal?
*Heavy Metal Toxicity
*Mineral Deficiency and Imbalance
*Metabolic Rate; fast or slow
*Adrenal Fatigue
*Thyroid Functional
*Nervous System Imbalances
*Protein Synthesis
*Energy Levels
*Mental Health Issues
*Liver and Kidney Stress
*Carbohydrate Tolerence and Blood sugar Imbalances. 

£165 includes a full report and lifestyle advice (excluding supplements).
It is not appropriate for dyed hair, so any dyed hair should be grown out for up to three months in order for a good sample to be taken.

Family packages are available with Charlotte. Please contact her for more information.

The practitioners that offer Hair Mineral Test Analysis. are...

Charlotte Tiffany

Charlotte has been a registered Natural Health Practitioner in London since 2009.

Charlotte uses a carefully chosen, bespoke, multi faceted approach when working with patients and always uses the Naturopathic Model of health when addressing the issues that patients present with.
Charlotte gains great satisfaction from being able to teach patients how to make their lives flow easier, in turn creating a better health for the individual, and surrounding family and friends.

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