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Crystal Healing with Reiki

Crystal Healing is based on reiki – a gentle and natural energy healing system. In addition, it uses the healing vibrations of crystals to amplify and direct the reiki. Healing isn’t so much about ‘getting better’ but rather about letting go of what isn’t you. It can be used to target specific health concerns or as a relaxation technique to promote general wellbeing.

During a Crystal Healing session crystals are placed on and around the body while the practitioner channels reiki towards the client. Healing energy is typically perceived as a dance of colours in the mind’s eye.

Ideally the healing is followed directly by a Soul Coaching conversation.


£100 / 60 minutes or £550 / block of 6

£150 / 90 minutes (combined with Soul Coaching) or £800 / block of 6

The practitioners that offer Crystal Healing with Reiki are...

Ellen Sinclair

Ellen Sinclair is a qualified Reiki Master and member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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