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Life Coach

Life coaching uses techniques based on psychological, physical and spiritual principles. Depending on the life coach, different life coaches may lean towards a particular principle and way of working.

A life coach is a trained professional who aims to help and guide individuals to make positive changes to meet and exceed personal and professional goals. Life coaches support clients on a journey to rediscover their own strength, passion, motivations and abilities: 

This can include 

-excelling in your workplace, business or project

-discovering your purpose

-becoming happy and fulfilled at home

-unlocking your potential and breaking through blocks, challenges, emotional barriers and limiting beliefs

-managing health conditions

-achieving life ambitions and dreams.


Life coaches don’t tell you what to do, but offer you an environment and an objective perspective to tap in to your own gifts and wisdom, and provide you with the tools and the structured framework you need to actualise your power and potential.  

£95 per 60 minute session with Aisha 
£60 per 60 minute session or £90 for 90 minutes with Kate 


The practitioners that offer Life Coach are...

Aisha Amarfio

Aisha is a shamanic therapist, life coach and author. Her work is heart-centred and holistic; she combines talking therapy and energy medicine to help people overcome issues, such as anxiety, trauma, depression, addictions, feeling stuck and other common psychological and emotional conditions that are an indication that we are out of balance with ourselves.

Kate White

Kate's healing practice is devoted to unveiling the freedom and wisdom that lives within each of us.

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