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Xochi Balfour

Xochi's passion for nutrition began when she hit emotional and physical burnout running her own street food business in London. Following her recovery through diet and holistic healing, she has become a devoted practitioner of naturopathic nutrition, which she creatively explores in combination with mindful self-practice, conscious living and complementary therapies.

She firmly believes in nurturing both the emotional and physical landscapes, with a profound awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection underlining her nutritional therapy offering. Drawing on her own extensive experience in nutrition and self inquiry, Xochi offers comprehensive protocols to restore balance and harmony both within and without, focusing on empowering the individual to take their wellness back into their own hands.

Her 360 degree package includes three follow up sessions to ensure the optimal integration of lasting and effective change, with full accountability and ongoing support.

She believes first and foremost in a carefully balanced, wholefood diet and offers creative ideas to keep clients inspired and engaged with their own process of nutritional healing and self inquiry.

She published her first book, The Naturalista, in April 2016 and writes a successful blog under the same name.

Instagram and Twitter: @xochibalfour

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