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Spencer Baldwin

Spencer is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, treating a wide range of psychological problems from anxiety to performance enhancement.
Sessions are held at the client’s pace and will always be driven towards solutions, focusing on positive results.

The priority at all times is to meet your needs and support you to find the positive changes that you desire, as quickly as possible. Hypnotherapy is a completely safe way to help you make real, lasting and positive change, fast. So much can be done with using hypnosis to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety and this is an area that Spencer has much experience in.

By combining RECBT (rational emotive cognitive behavioural therapy) with hypnotherapy, he is able to treat complex problems, such as chronic pain and the deeper anxieties and depression disorders that are so common these days. Almost anyone can be hypnotised but no one can be against their will.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your problems you can contact Spencer on 07768-392635 or spencerbaldwin@me.com free of charge.

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