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Rosie Little

Rosie has a passion for helping others improve their well being, having worked in Marketing for 6 years she became aware of how hard it can be in a busy city with little time to really switch off and relax from stresses and worries, having suffered from anxiety and stress herself she noticed how many people around her were experiencing the same issues.

Having a keen interest in all things holistic, Rosie decided to turn her hobby into a career and train as a Holistic therapist, in the aim to give others the essential 'me' time they need and also teach clients ways to reduce those anxious feelings.

Rosie is a fully qualified holistic therapist specialising in Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques operating in the Hackney area.

Rosie's massages are tailored to clients specific needs taking time to understand the clients lifestyle and well-being before each treatment. Her massages aim to reduce stress, increase circulation and relieve aches and pains.

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