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Matt Feczko Yoga Teacher

Fun, energetic, strong, and a good dose of camp. With his colourful leggings, motivating music, and creative class structures, Matt melds together his experiences as a fitness instructor and yoga teacher.

Matt's belief is that fitness should be fun and make you feel good, regardless as to what that fitness is, be it a HIIT or a yoga class. In 2016 he created an LGBTQ fitness group called Lunges in Leggings, offering weekly outdoor bootcamp classes in the summer months. As Matt's fitness journey evolved, so did Lunges in Leggings. He completed his 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Stretch on Broadway Market and began offering yoga classes as part of his group. He continued to branch out and began teaching at other yoga studios in London, namely Frame and Move Hackney (the latter is where he holds his weekly Calisthenics class which is a mix of gymnastic strength training, bodyweight conditioning, and handstands).

Recently Matt has decided to move his weekly Lunges in Leggings Yoga class to Holistic Health and is excited to see it grow in this new space. While the class is primarily made up of LGBTQ members, anyone and everyone is welcome. After each class the group goes for dinner--not only is it a weekly yoga class, but it's a social experience as well.

Matt's weekly class meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30PM, followed by dinner on Broadway Market. If you're interested in signing up, check out https://lunges.as.me/yoga and use code NEWBIE for 50% off your first class. Any questions, email matt.feczko@gmail.com or DM @mattfeczko on Instagram..

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