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Louise Johnson

I love the versatility of Shiatsu and its ability to provide a deep connection to the various aspects of the self that create our human experience. Through therapeutic touch it is possible to wordlessly access the underlying causes of dis-ease in our bodies minds and feelings.

I aim to guide the receiver to create the optimal environment for healing to take place.

Over the last 20 years I have studied and practiced various forms of meditation and energy work including Buddhist meditation, Taoist meditation, Chi Gong, crystals and crystal healing, vocal toning, transcendental meditation, shamanism, work with angels, Theta Healing and the Knowledge Book.

I have worked extensively as a play-worker on a 1-1 basis with children who have been diagnosed with special educational needs and disabilities. As part of my training I spent some time volunteering for the charity Mind in Greenwich and since I have had the opportunity to work with adults various mental health conditions.

I have found Shiatsu and the use of acupuncture points to be an effective tool to help reduce the stress and anxiety and some of the related physical symptoms that may be associated with living with these conditions both for the individuals and their loved ones. I am happy to discuss any special treatment needs which you may have with regards to any of these subjects with you personally and will consider adapting treatment times to suit.

I am a practicing artist and musician and love to connect with nature and all creatures great and small.

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