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Lola Ross

After embracing the natural lifestyle movement during her first pregnancy, Lola became fascinated with nutrition and went on to gain a degree in Health Sciences/Nutritional Therapy from the pioneering degree course at the University of Westminster. Passionate about educating positive eating habits among a wide range of people, Lola has worked with performers, ante/post natal women, teenagers, schools and NHS childhood obesity programmes in London.

Lola's training was underpinned by the principles of functional medicine, which has a primary focus on identifying the underlying causes of disease rather than just symptoms.

Using this method, Lola designs personalised nutrition plans, researched and tailored just for you. A personalised nutrition plan is an essential support to anyone seeking to restore wellness, or looking to maintain optimal vitality.

With the ever-growing research about how our individual genetics interplay with the food that we eat, it is much clearer that we are not able to get all of the right nutritional information that your individual body needs, simply from books or blogs alone.

Lola may recommend lab testing in order to help personalise your protocol further, and she keeps dietary recommendations fun, fad-free, abundant in deliciously nutritious foods, recipes and useful techniques.
Her aim is to encourage long-term sustainable changes to your diet, while supporting more immediate body and mind wellness.

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