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Katie Takashima

Katie first came to Pilates in 1998 and over the next several years of practising it, found that she was becoming much stronger and more flexible. In 2005 she trained as a Pilates matwork teacher with the Pilates Foundation and after a few years of teaching matwork classes, she was eager to deepen her knowledge of the method and embarked on Pilates studio equipment training, qualifying as a comprehensive teacher in 2009.

She loves the dynamics of teaching group classes just as much as focusing on specifics when teaching individuals and therefore divides her time between her studio in Enfield and many London sites where she offers group & private tuition.

With steady practice, Katie believes Pilates is truly transformational for not just strength, flexibility, and posture, but also body and movement awareness. She encourages her students to gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates principles that run through each exercise, in order to break away from habitual movement patterns and find greater movement control & core awareness. She is always thrilled to see people start to discover their body’s potential through the Pilates method and would love to share the experience with you.

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