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Faye Blake

After her first juice based detox retreat in 2010, reeling from the benefits and newfound sense of vitality, Faye pursued her practice and studies in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy. With a clear focus on the integral connection between food and our mental and physical wellbeing, she decided she wanted to help others with this knowledge. Her commitment to locally sourced, organic, unprocessed foods is at the core of her teaching, and alongside her interest in habit psychology, combines to capture the essence of Faye’s practice and coaching.

Her approach to health coaching is to focus on habit evolution and the psychology of eating. She is fascinated by the mind, and how it has control over our everyday actions. When we know something isn’t necessarily good for us, we still continue to do it. Why? After years of self reflection, continued study, and naturally observing those around her, she has come to see that the precept of self-care before caring for others is paramount.

"How can you give from an empty cup?"

To become the best versions of ourselves, we have to take a look at the daily habits we engage in that are no longer serving the person we want to evolve into. Often the ‘external’ conditions of our suffering are actually no more than a reflection of internal unrest. Faye’s belief is that to fully actualise your own potential, and support those closest to you, we must first develop beneficial & appropriate habits and engage in a committed practice of self-observation.

“The greatest trees thrive firstly on greater soil."

Nutrition is therefore one of Faye’s main focuses as a holistic health coach, to help her clients find their own balance. She draws upon her studies of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle; the sister science to Yoga, an understanding of our unique mind-body types and the specific needs that derive from them. She also incorporates Indian head massage as a complimentary therapy, towards an overall sense of wellbeing.

Faye offers a free 20min phone consultation to make sure that what she offers fits with the person, and also which of her services will be best for the individual. Contact Holistic Health on 020 7275 8434 or use the Contact form on the website.

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