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Ellen Sinclair Reiki Master and Life Coach

Ellen Sinclair is a qualified Reiki Master and member of the UK Reiki Federation. She also has an MSc in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology and is an EMCC accredited coach. She has been practicing since 2016.

From an early age Ellen was fascinated by the big questions - Why are we here? What’s it all about? For Ellen philosophy is not merely theoretical but rather a way to approach to life with curiosity and open awareness. This path led her to discover her natural gifts as a healer and initiative coach.

Ellen was first initiated as a Pranic healer, and later trained as a Reiki practitioner, eventually becoming a Reiki Master. Ellen’s healing practice has evolved to incorporate crystals, sound vibration and aromatherapy which amplify her channeled healing energy. She augments her healing work with coaching conversations to offer clients a holistic service.

Clients have the opportunity to bring in their crystals from home which Ellen can charge with healing energy so that healing can continue after they have left the therapy room.

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