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Dean McCarthy

Dean is a certified Alternative Healer specialising in a variety of holistic treatments. He has a friendly, empathic and intuitive approach when it comes to dealing with each patient, regarding each patient as a whole, rather than an illness to be defeated.  Tailoring each session for the individual and combines all of his experience to make sure every treatment is personalised for what they need. He believes in nurturing, rather than battling against the body.

This has sent him down the privileged road to become a Reiki practitioner; to help people, for their higher good, using the Reiki life-force energy. Working on a wide range of clients from Anxiety, Depression, Bereavements, even pains from new and old injuries, to recovery from surgery. He also works alongside other Reiki healers helping them to grow spiritually.

He believes in using a combination of treatments in one session. Combining Reiki Holy Fire, Crystal healing and Counselling. The Unity of the mind, body and spirit is something that he holds such strong belief in. As we know now through science, most illnesses come from stress that is created by the mind. A combination of these skills allows him to bring a state of harmony to the mind, body and spirit. During this process the patient can relax in a meditative state allowing Reiki to go where its needed.

Dean's training in Reiki is with Reiki Holy Fire, this provides a gentle but powerful healing that guides you to empowerment and purification. It is included as part of Dr Usui’s Methods. As well as all of Dean's qualifications, he has completed a counselling program Talk for Health, to provide a level of understanding of each individual patient.

Dean is also a part of the Reiki Federation attending seminars and talks from a wide range of topics. He believes that we are always learning and we should never stop growing.

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