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Clare Leach

*Clare has now semi-retired, and so we are unable to take on new clients at this time.  We are actively recruiting, so please do check in again soon*

Clare has been practising complementary medicine at Holistic Health since its inception in 1996. Primarily specialising in colonic hydrotherapy, for which she earned a Diploma with Distinction, Clare is an inspiring and positive people’s person who is dedicated and passionate about the dramatic benefits of colonic hydrotherapy.

With Reiki and Aromatherapy experience, her clients resonate with her caring approach. Clare looks at each individual “holistically,” reviewing mind, body and spirit and then works intuitively to help release blockages and obstacles.

She is a fully insured member of the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists, the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, and also the General Naturopathic Council.  

Clare very much believes “we are what we eat,” and how important it is to review our eating habits to support our total well-being.

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