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Arek Rogacki

Arek qualified with a BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage from the North London School of Sports Massage.

Arek's initiation to the world of massage happened in a small Thai island, Koh Tao, where he completed a course in Trigger Point Therapeutic Thai Massage with a local Master. He became so drawn to learning about the body, so upon his return to London, he went to study Sports & Remedial Massage. He has since continued to develop his knowledge and experience of treating people with various injuries, athletes and those struggling with aches and pains from postural imbalances, daily stress and lifestyle.

Arek also has 5 years of working experience as a senior run and ski technician at Profeet Sports Lab, which provided him with specialist knowledge on injury biomechanics and how to apply this to offer an individualised plan, including tailored exercises, soft tissue treatment and footwear/orthotics solutions. This work has helped him realise how much injury prevention and performance is ultimately down to us; how we treat our bodies, how we prepare and how we restore.

Arek is passionate about sports. He is a keen long distance runner and has completed road and mountain marathons, he's been rock climbing for nearly 20 years, skiing since early teenage and practicing yoga to help his body and mind stay in equilibrium. His main mean of transport in London is his bicycle.

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