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Alia James

Did you know, the biggest gift pilates has to give is making us more aware of our bodies OUTSIDE the mat or studio class?!

So, I like to sleep on my back to iron out my shoulders and hips while I sleep! I like to stand really close to the mirror to apply my mascara so I don’t need to thrust my heavy head forward to see better! I make myself squat down to [reach the saucepans in the back of our cupboard / tie my laces / hide the last bit of chocolate from my husband IN the saucepans] just so I have an excuse to use my bum and legs (instead of my lower back) to stand back up..!

When I’m not hiding the chocolate, teaching pilates or designing documents in the corporate world I ride a bright yellow SV650 motorbike all over the place. I met my husband getting lost in Hackney.. he couldn’t resist a woman on a bike at the end of his road, pulled his bike up next to mine and the rest is history!

Becoming aware of our habits means we can change them and prevent the build-up of everyday background pain. It’s Your body: Sense it. Move it. Breathe into it. Expand and lengthen it. Strengthen it. Release it. Enjoy it.

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