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Walking to school week

May 24, 2018 by Angela

Say goodbye to traffic jams, arriving late, and parking stress this ‘Walk to School Week’ when over 1 million UK children will ditch the school run and put their feet firmly to the ground.
Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, there are many benefits to children from walking to and from school, including:
Walking is known to improve academic performance
Children arrive brighter and more alert for their first class in the morning!
Walking reduces stress and increases creativity
Both of which will help a child’s performance at school.
Walking gives children good life experience. 
It’s an opportunity for them to be independent, think responsibly, and make decisions for themselves. If a child is still young or immature, then walking in groups with friends or siblings is a good option.
Walking gets children outdoors!
Our children are certainly not spending enough time outside these days. Those few minutes of walking can provide inspiration.

Walking provides daily exercise for children. 
Children’s obesity rates have skyrocketed in the UK, so incorporating physical activity into a child’s daily routine is a good place to start. As physical fitness improves, so does academic performance!
With the glorious weather at the moment it should be much easier for the kiddies to get to school on foot.
With love,
Tracy & the Holistic Health team x 

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