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Therapy of the Week: Colonic Hydrotherapy

June 9, 2015 by Tracy

Cleanse and revitalise your body with our Therapy of the Week!

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method for cleansing your body of any unnecessary waste and toxins. Unlike the use of laxatives, this method is not habit-forming and actually improves the tone of the colon.

Benefits include:

    • Clearer skin
    • Increased energy
    • Improved mental clarity
    • Improved general well-being
    • Not to mention a flatter stomach!

The entire treatment is conducted by our colonic therapist, Clare Leach, who is registered with the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists the leading governing body for colonic hydrotherapy. She is also extremelly dedicated and passionate about the dramatic benefits of colonic hydrotherapy, she understands you may be nervous and will ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Read more about Colonic Hydrotherapy here!

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