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Thai Yoga Massage Q&A

August 16, 2018 by Hannah

If you're wondering what Thai Yoga Massage is all about, our amazing practitioner Hannah answers a few of your questions.

Q&A with Holistic Health practitioner Hannah Verghese

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient form of therapeutic bodywork which combines acupressure and applied yoga stretching. It is a full body therapy which relieves muscular tension, calms the nervous system and balances energy in the body. Treatments are carried out on a futon or a mat on the floor. You are asked to wear comfortable clothing, that you can move easily in, to receive the treatment.

At its essence Thai Yoga Massage is a practice of “metta” or loving kindness and becomes a moving meditation for therapist and receiver.

What benefits can I expect from a treatment?

Thai Yoga Massage works on the notion that there is a system of energy lines (known as sen lines) in the body.  When blockages appear along these lines the energy is unable to flow freely and this affects our health and wellbeing. Over a session, or course of sessions, we will work on releasing blockages and restoring the free flowing energy. The benefits can be as unique to you as your treatment will be. It is great for people looking to deeply relax, support their general wellbeing and relieve any aches, pains and tension in the body. Clients I work with have reported particular benefits for a number of ailments and health conditions including headaches, stress and anxiety, insomnia, ibs and digestive issues, endometriosis and back pain.

I don’t practice yoga/am not flexible. Will I still be able to feel the benefits of TYM?

Absolutely! Practicing yoga is in no way a requirement, and being “flexible” is not a prerequisite. These treatments are tailored to you. We’ll work with a pressure and depth that feels right for you, and tune into the natural rhythm of the body. As the body responds to the massage on a physical and energetic level we are often able to get into, and release tight spots, through supported yoga stretches that couldn’t be accessed by massage alone. Thai Yoga Massage has the nickname “lazy man’s yoga” as many of the benefits of a yoga session are experienced with no effort required of the receiver.

I am pregnant. Is this treatment suitable?

Thai Yoga Massage can be very beneficial during pregnancy. We’ll work on the floor with you lying on your side whilst supported by bolsters and cushions. The treatment will be tailored to take into consideration changes that are occurring in your body and the stage of pregnancy you are at. Of course, all women and all pregnancies are different. We can discuss your requirements in advance and tailor your treatment accordingly. If you have any concerns it’s advisable to check with your health professional first.

Hannah specialises in Thai Yoga Massage and offers one-on-one yoga sessions. She is available Monday, Wednesdays, Thursdays and some weekends at Holistic Health. To book an appointment with Hannah please call us on 020 7275 8434 or email.

If you've not tried Thai Yoga Massage before, it's definitely worth giving it a go!

With love,
Tracy & the Holistic Health team x 

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