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Post Partum Health - Mother Roasting

March 22, 2018 by Claire

Health in pregnancy is something many women are conscious of but how about those crucial days post birth?  We often have babies in the clinic to be checked over, but what about the new mums? 
Mother roasting is a tradition found in many cultures worldwide, differing rituals that celebrate and nourish the energy of the mother post-birth.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) closing the gateways that have been opened and repelling wind and cold from the uterus is an important aspect of postpartum recovery.
Said to address the depletion post-birth which Chinese medicine believes can be a factor in low milk supply, post-partum depression, prolapse, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety, in TCM this one-off treatment is deeply nourishing, relaxing and can easily be done at home. 
A moxa stick is used to warm the abdomen and the lower back (if a support person is available to help with that area) for five to ten minutes to tonify the Qi in that area post birth.  Helping the uterus to contract and helping replenish the blood and Qi it’s a post-partum power up!
Our acupuncturists all offer this treatment for new mums, and everything needed to do this at home, is also available in a beautifully illustrated giftbox created by one of our practitioners, Claire Dabreo (The London Acupuncturist).

Congratulations to all our new mums, and remember to give yourself some TLC too.
With love,
Tracy and the Holistic Health Team xx

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